News and Notes October 2016  

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Montuno Software Partners with Radish to Offer Medication Adherence and Coaching Solution

Medication adherence is one of the top healthcare concerns. Radish Systems and Montuno Software are partnering to address this concern by providing a new health platform that combines the Dosecast mobile app with ChoiceView visual communications.

The result is a powerful tool that empowers patients to adhere to a medication regimen, provides medical adherence data to healthcare providers, and supports messaging and visual telehealth services between patients and healthcare providers. Healthcare providers and payers, health plans, and pharmaceutical companies will now have new ways to interact with and help their patients. See the full media release.

Use Case: Visual Tech Help Increases Biomed Efficiency

In a healthcare setting, when a critical lab tool or machine isn't working, Biomeds (Biomedical Equipment Technicians) rush to fix it. Downtime for tools, such as a CAT scanner, is expensive and can delay life-saving procedures. Biomeds do routine maintenance and many repairs, but for help with a specialized machine, they often call the vendor or OEM (original equipment manufacturer) for technical support. But just hearing complex instructions from an automated support line or live technician can be frustrating, time-consuming and unclear. A healthcare facility can use ChoiceView to help Biomeds solve complicated technical fixes more quickly. ChoiceView adds visual information to a voice call, including diagrams, photos, and step-by-step details. Then Biomeds can save the visuals on their smartphones. Learn more at Solutions for Healthcare Technology Management.

Use Case. The hospital's CAT scanner isn't working properly. The Biomed calls the OEM tech support line. While explaining, the technician sends several visuals illustrating the precise repair process. The Biomed saves them on his smartphone and refers to them to make the repair successfully. He then calls the technician to show a photo of the repaired machine's scan image to get approval for the fix. The hospital is able to complete the scheduled CAT scans without downtime on this expensive machine.

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Selected Events

October 3, 2016. Radish participated in the BachHealth Summit in Denver. This summit spotlighted emerging healthcare solutions and innovators with the goal of developing collaborations among brokers and employers, health providers, strategic partners and innovators.

Below at the Denver Summit are: Theresa, BachHealth CEO Tricia Schumann, Orriant CEO Darrell Moon, and Pam DeBellis, Radish's Director of Customer Care.

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Theresa Szczurek, CEO, and the Radish Team

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