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Victor Morrison, Radish's Business Development Director, recently wrote a very popular blog post entitled, BEHOLD!!! The Matrix of Contact Centers. It's reprinted below.

Victor's blog post highlights some very important news from Radish — Radish is now an Amazon Connect Partner! Radish's ChoiceView® is the easiest and fastest way to create true visual IVR (Interactive Voice Response) systems and visual phonebots in Amazon Connect. ChoiceView adds a new, visual dimension to Amazon Connect's voice-only platform. See the PRWeb media release.

Radish offers a free, 14-day trial of ChoiceView. Amazon estimates that users already familiar with contact flows can get up and running with ChoiceView in 5 minutes. No separate server instance needs to be setup or configured. A sample ChoiceView-equipped contact flow is provided as part of the trial. Of course, all the ChoiceView features are available for human agents as well. Learn more.

BEHOLD!!! The Matrix of Contact Centers

The recently launched addition of ChoiceView to Amazon Connect's cloud-based, self-service contact center platform represents an achievement and milestone of epic proportions for Radish Systems. ChoiceView as an AWS Lambda function being accessible in Amazon Connect's contact flows means that current and prospective clients now have unprecedented access to "best in class" visual engagement technology. This game-changing value proposition includes an AI-driven methodology that allows contact centers to engage and enable smartphone and phone/browser callers with the 3-Dimensional ability to talk, touch, and SEE their way through web based menus, content, graphics, and videos, with in-context escalation to a smart virtual agent and/or a live agent when deemed appropriate by the enterprise.

The ability to add comprehensive AI-driven multimedia capability to an existing contact center infrastructure within minutes (in some cases) and within the context of a 14-day free trial will be hard for many enterprises to fathom initially. In customary fashion, Amazon (see Amazon Web Services, Alexa, PillPack, Haven, Whole Foods, Amazon Care, etc.) has quietly put themselves in a position to obliterate currently held paradigms about how to implement and enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of contact center engagements. Businesses can now move aggressively forward virtually risk-free with their AI-enabled, chatbot-driven, 3-D engagement aspirations, and implement use cases that include customer support activities, patient engagement, complex information sharing, coaching and a myriad of others.

Perhaps even more impressive is the fact that this solution is extraordinarily financially and technically accessible to any enterprise, large or small. The following list of benefits is long, unimaginably tantalizing, and most importantly, real:

Ability to try before you buy
No upfront payments or long-term commitments
Pay-as-you-go pricing
No hardware or software to install
No infrastructure to manage
No expensive maintenance, upgrades, or downtime
No need for extensive provisioning and maintenance resources
AI-enabled speech analytics, recognition, and natural language processing
Self-service graphical interface that enables non-technical users to design contact flows, manage agents, and track performance metrics
Open platform that is easy to integrate with popular CRM solutions and custom solutions (or, of course, the AWS platform)
Amazon RDS server to store, access, and lifecycle session recordings
Ready access to other Amazon Connect Integrations as well as AWS-validated popular services and solutions from AWS Partners, such as Radish Systems

With all of these seemingly implausible features and benefits in mind, it becomes easy to make the case that ChoiceView for Amazon Connect is representative of a ground-breaking, paradigm-shifting, risk-free way for enterprises to achieve the goals of decreasing contact center costs while improving customer experience, engagement, access, and satisfaction. With virtually no barriers to entry, Amazon Connect has quietly ushered in ready access to a brave new world for contact centers — that doesn't even require bravery to enter.

So... about that "Matrix" reference in the title. Hyperbole, as it relates to Amazon Connect, is absolutely justified! For many contact centers, it will be just like The Matrix was for our hero Neo in the beginning — very difficult to comprehend and believe. The good news is that the cloud-based, self-service contact center solution is already living up to the hype. A number of forward-thinking, nimble enterprises like ChartSpan, Capital One, Intuit, and Dow Jones are already taking advantage of Amazon Connect solutions to save millions of dollars while also significantly improving C-Sat scores.

As we gear up for the ambitious ride that will be the fourth installment of The Matrix it should soon be comforting to know that we can now make sure Neo is completely satisfied and empowered with the service he receives from the Amazon Connect enabled Resistance contact center on Zion. When he calls to engage with Morpheus (his favorite chatbot) and uses ChoiceView to gain access to the Construct in order to upgrade his training, we can rest assured that we will gain control of the machines and foster in a new era of prosperity... just in time for the fifth installment.

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