News and Notes September 2016  

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Your customers, patients, and employees, who are mobile and have Internet access, seek efficient ways to communicate that leverage the multi-media capabilities in their hands. Here's the latest.

Use Case: ChoiceView Chat for Health Coaching

Hospitals and other healthcare providers are finding that some patient groups prefer interacting via ChoiceView chat rather than a phone call. The sequence below illustrates the use case. The patient receives an SMS text at the start of coaching, then taps the link in the text, and is connected in a ChoiceView session with the coach. It's fast and easy — there's no need for a phone call or pre-installed app. The session continues with two-way, real-time chat along with sharing of visual content including medication adherence and blood level forms, diet and lifestyle information, care plans and even video clips. Of course, the session can be escalated from chat to a phone call if needed.

(Click image to see an enlarged view. On mobile devices users can pinch out or rotate.)


WebRTC and ChoiceView

WebRTC is a new way to make phone calls from a browser or mobile app without using the mobile phone's standard dialer. ChoiceView adds enhanced data functionality to WebRTC calls just like it does for regular phone calls. As a result, users get the benefits of "voice with visuals" calls whether they just pick up a phone and dial an 800 number or start at a browser or mobile app. Try ChoiceView and WebRTC now. You can see it in action at the Radish website.

In the News

The increasing complexity and variety of medical devices is not only elevating health care costs, it's also complicating the job of biomed technicians. In addition to supporting a wider array of equipment — including IT systems and imaging devices — biomeds must also be more efficient. They must know more and do more in less time, even as the pace of integrating new equipment and tools accelerates. See how ChoiceView helps this situation in the current issue of 24x7 Magazine.

Selected Events

2016 Prime Health Challenge. Plan on attending this lively event in Denver on October 19th. It's healthcare technology's version of the shark tank. Radish is pleased, as a 2015 Prime Health Challenge winner, to have served as a judge to select these 2016 semi-finalists.

Oracle OpenWorld 2016. At this recent conference, Oracle executives, partners, and leading industry visionaries provided insight into Oracle Cloud, customer success in the cloud, and the next wave of opportunity in the enterprise.

Theresa attended this conference to discuss Radish's own cloud-based ChoiceView platform.

On the right, Oracle Executive Chairman and CTO Larry Ellison showcased innovations across Oracle's integrated cloud platform.

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Theresa Szczurek, CEO, and the Radish Team

P.S. Radish seeks strategic relationships. ChoiceView is available for license to turn your voice-only telecom platforms into "voice with visuals" next generation systems. Contact Radish to learn how.

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