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Welcome back from summer. Like you, we're geared up for a big autumn with lots of business action and growth!


Agent 3 ... a Spy Novel? Nope, it's a new ChoiceView solution!

Now your contact center reps and business users can have ChoiceView Agent capabilities via the web from any device with a browser — PC, Mac, tablet, Chromebook, thin-client terminal or even a smartphone (shown). A smartphone or tablet is ideal for mobile agents, such as nurses, who would like to interact visually during calls even when they're not at their desk or on a PC.

ChoiceView Agent 3 provides a huge leap in our anywhere, any device 'voice with visuals' technology, and opens the door for many new use cases and business configurations. There's no download or install of software. It's just a matter of opening a browser and logging in to share visual information with end users. ChoiceView Agent 3 in a browser format, available in a subscription model and now in use by businesses, provides the capabilities found in the popular Windows® based ChoiceView Agent. The end user sees and hears information from the agent, including interactive forms, and can fill them in and send responses back while talking or chatting.

ChoiceView increases comprehension on calls by as much as 600%, helps callers resolve inquiries faster with more clarity, improves the overall user experience, and increases business profits.

The same ChoiceView platform works for live agents, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems, virtual agents, chat bots, and phone bots. ChoiceView is an over-the-top solution that's easily deployed and compatible with the existing business infrastructure, numbering plans, call routing, and business contact centers. It doesn't require replacing existing equipment. For businesses seeking to go beyond voice-only or chat-only capabilities to improve self-service and full-service, ChoiceView is an obvious choice. Learn more.

VP of Global Sales Joins Radish

We're pleased to welcome James 'Jim' Zavorski as Radish's Vice President of Global Sales. Zavorski adds momentum to the growing USA and international interest in Radish's patented ChoiceView® multichannel platform.

Jim joined Radish from KORE Telematics where he executed sales for Fortune 500 global customers. He brings a strong track record of building high-performing, motivated teams that deliver world-class customer service at Numerex, Vodafone, Dun & Bradstreet and Orange Business Services. During his tenure at Numerex, he led its largest client team, developed the Supply Chain Solutions vertical, and managed the cable segment. Learn more.


Partner News

Radish, an Oracle Partner, will be at Oracle OpenWorld on Oct 2-4, 2017 in San Francisco. Let's meet. Look for @TheresaSzczurek in red.

Upcoming Conferences

Contact us to schedule a meeting: or 1.720.440.7560 corporate or 1.303.817.3307

Oracle OpenWorld: Oct 2-4, 2017, San Francisco

Prime Health Digital Challenge: Oct 19, 2017, Denver. Radish, a 2015 winner, will be there.

AVX 2017: Oct 25, 2017, Denver. Radish's CEO Theresa Szczurek speaks at 2:00 PM on "Champions of Technological Change" and at 4:00 PM on "Developing Multi-Modal Lines of Communications for Business Success."

Radish in the News

ChoiceView is helping contact centers transform customer service by adding visual information to calls. Customers want to hear about as well as see items they're purchasing. In an interview with, Richard A. Davis co-founder and CTO, discusses "How Radish Systems is Contributing to the Contact Center Customer Experience."

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