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E-retailers are booming. More and more buyers are going online. Yet there are opportunities to improve the customer experience while increasing the shopping cart size and decreasing abandonments. How can we further improve e-commerce? Learn more in the Radish blog.

Hear GM Voices' Take on ChoiceView

GM Voices is a partner of Radish Systems and, of course, they've produced a very professional podcast to introduce their customers to ChoiceView 'Voice with Visuals.'

Use Case: Improve E-Commerce with Visuals

Smartphone users expect to leverage multi-media to see and hear about items they wish to purchase. By adding ChoiceView 'Voice with Visuals' to existing or new IVR automated voice systems and live assistance contact centers, businesses can show their items, services, specifications, pricing, tickets or receipts during a live phone call or chat session. Having the option to see and complete a transaction makes it easier to buy and be serviced. The following examples don't need words to show ChoiceView at work.

(Click image to see an enlarged view. On mobile devices users can pinch out or rotate.)


Retailers and Original Equipment Manufacturers — Don't Be Left Behind

  • Are you an IVR, Virtual Assistant, Contact Center, or CRM firm that would like to quickly offer these capabilities over-the-top of your solution?
  • Are you a retailer that wants to quickly move to improve the customer experience, shorten average handling times, improve first call resolution, and have more call containment in the IVR?

No problem! ChoiceView APIs and SDKs allow this capability to easily be added to existing or new IVRs and live assistance contact centers.

See and Hear It! Check out Radish products to see an e-commerce demo video or learn more about enhanced commerce solutions at Radish solutions.

Selected Upcoming Events

October 19, 2016. Radish is pleased, as a 2015 Digital Health Challenge winner, to have served as a judge to select the 2016 semi-finalists. Register now to attend the 2016 Digital Health Challenge sponsored by Prime Health of Colorado.

Below, Theresa pitches at the 2015 Digital Health Challenge in Denver with 26.9 seconds to go.

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Theresa Szczurek, CEO, and the Radish Team

P.S. Radish seeks strategic relationships. ChoiceView is available for license to turn your voice-only telecom platforms into "voice with visuals" next generation systems. Contact Radish to learn how.

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