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We're so pleased to be working with Foothills United Way that we've dedicated this issue of the newsletter to their ChoiceView Visual IVR implementation.

Foothills United Way Deploys ChoiceView® Visual IVR

When calling Foothills United Way and a live person can't answer, the new Visual Directory makes it much easier and faster to access the right person, department or information. Here's what Douglas Yeiser, President and CEO, Foothills United Way in Boulder, Colorado says:

"We're pleased to collaborate with Radish Systems and Boulder Phone to offer callers a Visual Directory, powered by a ChoiceView Visual IVR, whenever we're unable to answer the phone live. It's really handy for smartphone callers who want to connect to our staff or find services. They can quickly see and save information, then automatically transfer to a website or dial a number."

Case Study: ChoiceView Visual IVR — Now I see what you're talking about!™

ChoiceView Visual IVR allows smartphone callers to see and tap menu options (1) to immediately reach the Staff Visual Directory. Then callers scroll the list to find the (2) desired staff member and tap to dial the phone number or send an email. They can save the page as an icon on their home screen (3) for speedy access whenever they need Foothills United Way information in the future, without even calling the Foothills main number. Annotated screenshots of a session are below. Click image to see an enlarged view.


BENEFITS: faster and easier access to information, shorter calls, higher call containment through visual self-service, reduction in staff needs, and more.

Why is a Visual IVR helpful? Callers don't have to wait for a live receptionist or listen to lengthy directory information delivered by voice. They can self-serve, with immediate access to the right number, email address, or website. It's faster to find, use, and save information. Foothills now allows smartphone callers to efficiently reach many community programs including emergency shelters. Learn more in the Radish Media Release and the Case Study.

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Radish CEO Theresa Szczurek was selected and recently participated with entrepreneurs, investors, Dell partners, and Dell executives in the Dell Women's Entrepreneur Network (DWEN) conference in Toronto.

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