News and Notes July 2016  

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Radish is Finalist in Florida Hospital InnovationX

Radish Systems is one of 20 global companies competitively chosen from over 100 solution providers to present their innovations at the invitation-only Florida Hospital InnovationX on July 28 and 29 in Orlando, Florida.

InnovationX is part of an extended competition to identify and select new-generation technologies to solve healthcare industry's top challenges. The Triple-Aim Healthcare goal is to improve population health/wellness, increase patient/staff satisfaction with care, and reduce per-capita costs.

"Radish's ChoiceView is a cool solution set. Florida Hospital is excited about how it can potentially solve one of our top challenges which is to create an innovative and seamless experience that proactively engages customers in the care continuum through cost-effective communication tools." stated Ashley Simmons, Director of Innovation Development, Florida Hospital, Florida division of Adventist Health System.

Radish develops ChoiceView® "Voice with Visuals" solutions to improve communications between healthcare firms and patients. Whether with an automated attendant (Interactive Voice Response system, Virtual Assistant or Bot) or "real human" nurse or healthcare representative, patients can talk, exchange text/chat, and see/send visual information simultaneously on their smartphones (or any phone on any network while displaying visuals in any browser). See the media release.

ChoiceView is ideal for both business and clinical healthcare applications because it seamlessly marries voice/chat and visual data so that callers can say "Wow! Now I see what you're talking about!" ™

Use Case: Increase Self-Service with Visual Communications

A caller who reaches a ChoiceView Visual IVR or Virtual Assistant can see and hear visual menu options, self serve by selecting the patient & staff visual directory, choose and transfer to a department, receive and submit a 'reason for call' information form, transfer to a website to 'find a physician' or use the patient portal, receive and save visual directions, and more. ChoiceView-equipped automated systems increase self-service, call containment, first call resolution rate, and patient satisfaction while decreasing call time. This leads to lower healthcare costs, improved experience of care, and improved health. (Click image below to see an enlarged view.)


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Radish and friends honor Darryl at a Friday Afternoon Club.
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Happy Summer!

Theresa Szczurek, CEO, and the Radish Team

P.S. Radish seeks strategic relationships. ChoiceView is available for license to turn your voice-only telecom platforms into "voice with visuals" next generation systems. Contact Radish to learn how.

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