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Victor Morrison, Radish's Business Development Director, recently conducted a seminar at the SpeechTEK 2019 conference entitled, Marry Visuals With Bots for Twice the Customer Experience. It highlighted how Radish's ChoiceView® solution allows bots, as well as live agents, to engage with customers using both voice and visuals.

This newsletter is Victor's first-person account of what he saw and observed at the conference. One thing is clear — there's no lack of opportunity for ChoiceView!

Conversational AI and Contact Centers

It was an interesting experience for me, especially since I had been on the conversational AI sidelines for 18 months and felt like Rip Van Winkle waking up to see how close call centers are to actually "crossing the chasm."

We've all collectively suffered through a mind-numbing barrage of bad call center technology. This year's SpeechTEK conference confirmed that conversational AI is fast emerging, and when combined with visual engagement technology, can open up many new possibilities. Contact centers find themselves at the precipice of achieving the heretofore mutually exclusive goal of becoming more efficient and more effective at engaging consumers, and by no small order of magnitude.

The Role of ChoiceView

As I networked, presented, and attended the various sessions, the affirmations were fast and furious that with ChoiceView, Radish has the perfect technology to complement this impending explosion.

Whether it's implemented directly in a contact center or built into another vendor's technology platform, ChoiceView offers a significant increase in engagement power! ChoiceView is financially accessible, technically elegant (i.e., easy on your IT resources), and can seamlessly complement whatever existing or planned contact center infrastructure and/or features are in play.

Are Mobile Apps Dead?

The last point SpeechTEK drove home for me (as I was jolted awake from my long Van Winkle slumber) was the fact that the experts are predicting the death of mobile apps as we know them. It should be comforting to any organization that ChoiceView is well positioned to mitigate the need for a big fat, expensive, and often times ineffective separate mobile app strategy. ChoiceView can enable the best possible mobile web experience and do away with the challenges of building an app, getting it downloaded and then actually having it used on a regular basis.

Importantly, with ChoiceView, first-time customers can engage with your contact center visually in the middle of a "voice only" conversation with very little effort needed on their part. In addition, being an Amazon Connect partner now means Radish Systems offers a virtually risk-free road-map for organizations to take their first meaningful steps toward conversational AI and a 3-dimensional experience facilitated by an intelligent and well-trained bot.

To Bot or Not to Bot

At SpeechTEK I learned that the question is no longer, "To Bot or not to Bot!" The question is how? And that a ChoiceView enhanced 3-D experience is readily available and on the best possible road map to get there. Whether your organization deploys a bot or a live agent or some combination of the two, whether it be a mobile app or web app, ChoiceView can seamlessly add the powerful value of visual engagement to create a three dimensional experience!

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