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The time is right to solve your communications challenges using 'voice with visuals.' A recent TED Talk, The Single Biggest Reason Why Startups Succeed, explored five factors for business success. Timing is the most critical element. Contact Radish today!

Case Study: ChoiceView Visual IVR Handles Utility Service Changes

CHALLENGE: Nationally, utility companies spend millions of dollars answering phone calls with live representatives because customers can't or simply won't use the voice-only IVRs (interactive voice response) systems.

SOLUTION: Gas, electric, cable, water and other utilities can increase customer self-service by adding easy-to-use, instant visuals to their IVRs. With visuals, customers immediately SEE and can quickly navigate visual menus options on their smartphones, SEE and easily complete forms (no tricky alphanumeric inputs), SEE and HEAR messages, and SEE and save visuals such as confirmations and receipts.

BENEFITS: With the ChoiceView Visual IVR, utility companies can decrease transfers to live reps and decrease call times while improving customer experience and satisfaction.

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1. Customer calls electric company. She sees and hears automated options via Visual IVR and selects "Change Billing Address."

2. Customer receives interactive form, then easily enters the requested alphanumeric information, and submits.

3. Customer receives visual confirmation and saves it to her smartphone.

RESULT: Call is easily completed in IVR at any time without a live rep. Clear, simple forms allow accurate inputs that are saved to company databases. Customer is happy to self-serve and is reassured with saved confirmation.

Learn more about ChoiceView use cases in other industries.

Insights from SpeechTEK 2017

During the session, Medical Case Studies: Improving Healthcare Outcomes with Digital Platforms & Live Visual Assistance, speakers Prab Goriparthi (Montuno Software), Jo Roman (Clínica Tepeyac), and Theresa Szczurek (Radish Systems), showed the positive capabilities of the award-winning "Dosecast with ChoiceView" app for medication adherence, tracking, and patient telecare. With Dosecast, adherence increases dramatically.

During the panel: Adding Visuals to Voice, speakers Jo Roman (Patient Health Educator at Clínica Tepeyac using ChoiceView for health coaching) and Theresa Szczurek (Radish CEO) joined other panelists in explaining that the time is right to implement Visual IVR and Visual live assistance. Large and small companies, including UPS, Cox, DIRECTV, Turk Telecom, Clínica Tepeyac, Microsoft, Humana, and many others, have added Visuals to Voice. The results include reduced call volume to live agents, higher caller and agent satisfaction, reduced costs to callers, and improved care.

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In the News: Radish CEO Receives Girl Scout Award

Theresa Szczurek, CEO of Radish Systems and lifetime Girl Scout, received the Volunteer Service Award from Girl Scouts of Colorado for decades of service. Dr. Szczurek is an active member on the Zephyr Service Unit leadership team, which supports Girl Scout troops in the Boulder, CO area. A Girl Scout since fourth grade and a leader for two years in NJ and over 15 years in Colorado, she now is co-advisor of a Senior / Ambassador troop of high school students throughout Boulder County, especially focusing on helping scouts "Go Gold" to earn the highest award.
Szczurek said, "I love being a Girl Scout. Girl Scouts builds girls with courage, character, and confidence and prepares girls to be leaders. Over 64% percent of today's women leaders in the United States in civic, corporate, political, and entrepreneurial arenas were once Girl Scouts including Hillary Clinton, Laura Bush, and many others.According to Inc. magazine more than two-thirds of the female members of Congress and an incredible 80% of women business owners were Girl Scouts."

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