Newsletter May 2015

Hello Everyone

There are some exciting things happening at Radish Systems! "Now I see what you're talking about."™

ChoiceView Talk Is Here!

ChoiceView Talk is the latest addition to Radish's patented ChoiceView® multichannel 'voice with visuals' platform. It allows callers to launch 'voice with visuals' sessions from a link in desktop websites, mobile websites or third-party mobile apps. This offers a host of new voice and data services for users who prefer to start at a business's website or mobile app. Users can also continue to simply start a 'voice with visuals' session with a phone call from any phone, any network.

Callers using ChoiceView can see and hear business information and easily complete transactions both via automated self-service systems (Interactive Voice Response or IVR) and with live representatives in contact centers or throughout the organization. The result is a better customer experience, which saves time and money.

With this announcement, ChoiceView now works across all the standard ways to interact with businesses. Users can start with a phone call, browser or mobile app. They can use a mobile phone, landline, Skype, webRTC or other VoIP service for the call. They can use a mobile device, PC, Mac or tablet for the visuals. Learn more.

ChoiceView Web App Gets Noticed

The ChoiceView Web App is getting attention in the marketplace. See, for example, the article by which states, "When it comes to call center work, being able to go beyond the phone call is an ability that's increasingly prized. Radish Systems, meanwhile, is bringing this exact idea into play..."

ChoiceView in Action

When you call the Radish corporate number (720.440.7560) you'll see and hear a ChoiceView True Visual IVR in action. It delivers visual menus and responses regardless of the phone you're using. This IVR works with both the ChoiceView Mobile App and ChoiceView Web App. It allows experienced users to start a visual session virtually instantly and provides further instructions for first-time callers. Alternatively, to launch ChoiceView from a website instead of a phone call, go here. The phone number you enter will be saved for future reference so the web page behaves very much like an app. You can try the mobile website version here.

ChoiceView White Paper and Case Study

Check out this one-page white paper from Radish and improve the user experience for your own customers. Contact Radish ( or 720.440.7560) to explore working together. There's an associated case study on "Seeing is Believing" at It concludes that "Visualizing any kind of interaction speeds performance, increasing quality of use through repetition and providing a means for long-term user memory. The Radish approach provides these benefits and many others."

Visual IVR Webinar Features Radish Systems

Everyone in the industry is talking about it. A True Visual IVR, that is. See a short introductory video from our industry webinar. You'll note that our team has been deploying Visual IVRs since 1995 with our first company Radish 1.0. We actually coined the term 'Visual IVR.' Our ChoiceView Visual IVR won Product of the Year from CUSTOMER magazine in 2014. ChoiceView is patented and has won 6 innovation awards from CTIA, Enterprise Connect, and other organizations. It's an open solution that's a script change only to existing and new IVRs.

Spring 2015 is here! The radishes are bursting out and growing fast.
Theresa Szczurek, CEO, and the Radish Team

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