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News: Visual IVR Market is Growing

Industry analysts agree that the market for Visual IVR (Visual Interactive Voice Response) solutions for businesses is growing and growing fast. It's catching some vendors and buyers by surprise, especially since it's relatively new technology that isn't well understood.

Industry analyst Walt Tetschner from Tern Systems explains, "We see good growth for Visual IVR. Based on a projection of number of transactions, Visual IVR has over 60% CAGR. It's actually growing faster than other self-service alternatives like web access, DTMF, and NLP." Details are in the report from Tern Systems, Telephone Self-service: Markets, Products & Suppliers 2018. Learn more in the Radish media release.

Use Case: Home Improvement Customer Care

Using ChoiceView Visual IVR & Visual Live Agent

Customer needs a new faucet today. Calls home improvement company's 800-number. Sees visual menu while hearing options. Taps or says "Find Location."
A location finder is shown. Customer enters zip code and receives a visual of the closest stores. Customer selects one of the stores.
Call is transferred to a service representative at that store and the customer's web journey is delivered. Rep answers the call and sends visuals of faucets while explaining their features. Customer buys the perfect faucet for store pick-up.
Screenshots of the transaction are below. Click image to see an enlarged view. On mobile devices you can pinch out or rotate.
Positive Customer Experience: Customer is pleased with the efficiency in finding a local store, getting live help to select the best product, and making a same-day purchase.
Effective Company Sales Process: Same-day sale while providing an enhanced customer experience plus an up-sell to a better product.

Do You Make Critical IVR Mistakes?

Radish's partner, IVR Technology Group, provides some interesting answers in Are You Making These Mistakes In Your IVR System? And, an additional mistake is NOT adding 'voice with visuals' to your IVR. With a true Visual IVR, your callers can leverage the visual capabilities of smartphones and browsers and get a better CX (Customer Experience). Adding visuals to voice communications improves understanding and comprehension by 600%, increases call containment by at least 10-25%, shortens call times, and improves first-call resolution rate.

Congratulations to Ida Halasz, Radish's Director of Marketing, for winning the Boulder Business and Professional Women's "Woman of the Year, Lifetime Achievement" award. Dr. Halasz has made a meaningful impact through her professional career and social justice work. In accepting the award, Dr. Halasz said, "The most important thing in life, more than careers, publications, and awards, is relationships."

Dr. Halasz has conducted marketing research and marketing communications for Radish Systems since its inception.


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