News and Notes March 2016

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We wish you a Happy Spring!

Welcome to Radish's Newest Partner: GM Voices!
Radish Systems is partnering with GM Voices to offer professionally-recorded voice prompts for telephony applications. GM Voices is the global leader in recorded voice, language localization, persona development and Voice Branding solutions for Fortune 1000 corporations worldwide. This partnership gives consumers an enhanced visual and voice experience with Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems, Virtual Assistants, and other voice services.

See, Hear, Try It! There are many ways consumers can access a ChoiceView True Visual IVR. You can start with a phone call, launch from a website, or begin with a mobile app. ChoiceView covers the bases no matter how you choose to contact a business. Plus, the same visual session seamlessly transfers from the IVR to a contact center representative. Learn more.

Use Case: Explanation of Health Insurance Benefits

(Click image to see an enlarged view. On mobile devices users can pinch out or rotate.)



  • Tom calls his healthcare provider to clarify his benefits for an office visit.
  • Tom sees and hears automated options via the ChoiceView True Visual IVR and selects Billing.
  • IVR sends Member Contact form and provides audio instructions.
  • Tom fills in the form and submits it.
  • IVR transfers the call to a Billing Specialist.
  • Specialist sends Member Authorization form for Tom to receive visual claim information.
  • Tom approves the form.
  • Specialist sends a summary of the insurance claim and can also annotate it while explaining.
  • Tom saves the claim for later reference and says,"Wow, now I see what you are talking about!"™


  • Costs: Call is short and efficient.
  • Care: Tom gets the information he needs, is satisfied, and is pleased with the service provided.

CO Impact Days Showcase


Theresa Szczurek and Ida Halasz explain Radish ChoiceView benefits for healthcare at Colorado Impact Days in Denver.

Radish was selected as one of the top social ventures of Colorado and met with investors, businesses, and the public at the Showcase.

Get the Radish Healthcare Impact poster.

Spring is here and the radishes are growing!

Theresa Szczurek, CEO, and the Radish Team

P.S. Radish seeks strategic relationships. ChoiceView is available for license to turn your voice-only telecom platforms into "voice with visuals" next generation systems. Contact Radish to learn how.

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