News and Notes February 2016

Hello Everyone

Are you making a meaningful difference in the world? You can by taking part in the democratic process. Vote for your favorite presidential candidate AND also, please vote for Radish to win the People's Choice Award from CO Impact Days. Vote HERE by February 29th at 5:00 PM MST.

Top Social Venture with CO Impact Days

Radish has been selected as one of the top social ventures of Colorado and we will exhibit at CO Impact Days on March 4th in Denver. Investors and the public are invited — please attend. Learn more in the Radish Media Release.

Use Case: Telehealth



  • Sue calls her healthcare provider to get help with her knee pain.
  • Sue sees and hears automated options via the ChoiceView True Visual IVR and selects "Talk to Nurse."
  • IVR sends "Reason for Call" form and provides audio instructions.
  • Sue fills in the form and submits it.
  • Nurse explains osteoarthritis and shares visuals.
  • Nurse reviews medications and regimens.
  • Sue saves the visuals for later use and says, "Wow, now I see what you are talking about!"™


  • Health / Compliance: Sue exercises, takes her meds, and feels better.
  • Care: Sue is satisfied with her experience and loyal to her provider.
  • Costs: One less office visit, no travel time, and shorter call duration.

Make an impact — make it a "rad" year!

Theresa Szczurek, CEO, and the Radish Team

P.S. Radish seeks strategic relationships. ChoiceView is available for license to turn your voice-only telecom platforms into "voice with visuals" next generation systems. Contact Radish to learn how.

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