Newsletter February 2014

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Here are some of the exciting things happening at Radish Systems!

Radish is a Finalist in the Blue Ocean Enterprise Challenge

We're very pleased to have been invited to compete in the Colorado State University Blue Ocean Enterprise Challenge (BOEC, #CSUBlueOcean). Radish Systems is one of 16 growing companies from eight states selected as finalists from more than 120 national applicants, representing 22 industry categories. BOEC recognizes best business ideas, nurtures community partnerships, and features a grand prize package of $250,000 in funding, plus intensive strategy and operations support, and a 12-month business mentoring program.

"The innovation and creativity represented by applicants to the inaugural Blue Ocean Enterprises Challenge exceeded our expectations," said Charisse Bowen, Director of the Institute for Entrepreneurship at Colorado State University and co-director of the Blue Ocean Enterprises Challenge. "The finalists exemplify the entrepreneurial passions and game-changing ideas that are driving our growing economy."

ChoiceView True Visual IVR is Available on Tropo and Other Platforms

The Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, CNN, and other major media have all acknowledged that Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems are a HUGE problem for callers. What's the solution? Use ChoiceView to transform new and existing IVRs into next generation 'voice with visuals' systems with a script change only. ChoiceView True Visual IVR is available for cloud-based IVRs such as Tropo, Voxeo, and Twilio, and for premises-based IVRs such as Avaya and others that use a standard VXML/CCXML platform. Industry watchers are taking notice in their Tweets. Learn more at and

ChoiceView Feedback from Contact Center Tradeshow in Germany

A partner company of ours has been demonstrating ChoiceView at a tradeshow in Berlin. They've been placing calls to our ChoiceView IVR in the US, engaging in the visual IVR demo, and then seamlessly transferring to our contact center for live agent visual support. The feedback after giving demos to technically astute participants: "They were blown away!"

Use Case Analysis: ChoiceView for Travel Arrangements

During just one of the recent blizzards, 3000 flights were cancelled causing havoc for nearly 9 million travelers. Call hold times for some travelers just to change their itinerary were 2-3 hours or more. With the ChoiceView approach, travelers with smart mobile devices can reach a ChoiceView Visual IVR when they call their travel agent or airline. During the call, they see/hear voice and visual menus, quickly authenticate, indicate their situation by filling in a quick form, and receive visual information such as travel advisories. A short automated status message is then delivered from the IVR to customer service agents who can take action, call back the traveler, and participate as needed in a 'voice with visuals' exchange with the new itinerary. Besides saving hours on hold, customer satisfaction levels are maintained and agents are much more efficient. Additionally, by having 'voice with visuals' communications, understanding of international accents is improved

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More new products and services for ChoiceView are coming your way. It's the ultimate in-call mashup of voice and visuals!

Warm Regards, Theresa Szczurek, CEO, and the Radish Team
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