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Hello from the Radish Team!

Welcome to the recent changes at Radish! We're moving forward with a strong leadership team at the helm to continue Radish's innovation and expansion. We're dedicated to providing the most powerful and useful 'voice with visuals' phone communications to our customers.

Radish Leadership Changes

Radish's co-founder and former CEO, Theresa Szczurek, was appointed by Governor Polis to be Chief Information Officer and Executive Director of the Office of Information Technology for the State of Colorado. Szczurek now leads over 900 statewide staff to drive information technology solutions and support state agencies. Szczurek leaves an impressive record of co-founding and leading Radish since 2009 when smart devices and mobile communications were just becoming contenders for conducting business in the USA and worldwide. Radish quickly became the pioneer in 'voice with visuals' technology.

Ken Jensen (photo), an experienced business leader, is now Radish's Acting CEO. Dr. Richard Davis continues as Co-Founder and CTO, and Pamela DeBellis, formerly Director of Customer Care, is promoted to COO. Dr. Ida Halasz remains the Director of Marketing, while Victor Morrison joins Radish in a Business Development role, spearheading healthcare and pharmaceutical industry sales. Steve Parrish, continues as Finance Director. Learn more.

ChoiceView Awarded Best Healthcare IVR Technology

Global Health & Pharma recognized Radish Systems for significantly improving healthcare calls. Ken Jensen, in accepting the award, stated: "Our mission is to improve how people communicate by seamlessly integrating visual information with voice/chat calls. This award recognizes our ChoiceView platform that makes healthcare accessible and understandable. When patients call, they can see visual menus and visual responses along with
the voice call. Patients can transfer, if needed, to a healthcare provider to discuss and see medical information such as X-rays, test results, charts, diagnoses, recommendations for care, and prescriptions. ChoiceView can be used on 4G when WiFi is not available. This is a major benefit when a patient is in a rural or remote area." Learn more.

ChoiceView and Amazon Connect

Radish is beginning a controlled introduction of ChoiceView on Amazon Connect and we're seeking early customers. Please let us know if you'd like to participate. ChoiceView adds multimedia capabilities to the voice-only Amazon Connect platform for IVRs, phonebots, and live agents. It builds on the AI, natural language processing and Alexa capabilities inherent in Amazon Connect and adds a new visual channel. The result is an extremely powerful and cost-effective way for companies to serve callers in many market segments. See the award and use case descriptions elsewhere in this newsletter. See ChoiceView in action.

Use Case: Doctor to Doctor Communications

PROBLEM: Healthcare professionals often need to remotely discuss complex medical information via their smartphones, tablets, or computers. It's even more complicated when they are not on the same electronic health record (EHR) system. As oft said, "One picture is worth a thousand words."

SOLUTION: ChoiceView allows doctors talking to other doctors to securely see and hear the information simultaneously. 'Voice with Visuals' by ChoiceView allows healthcare professionals to share any visual (medical records, test results, X-rays) with other physicians, specialists, or even with payers while clarifying salient points. ChoiceView offers secure phone exchanges in the hectic, overburdened healthcare environment that is heavily regulated for patient privacy and safety.

HOW IT WORKS: A genetics doctor must explain many test results to other physicians and payers. She uses ChoiceView to share visuals from her computer, while talking with the patient's doctor. The test reports include many pages of graphs and analyses. Neither doctor has time to review the entire report while talking, but both need to see and discuss the most useful results to determine the best treatment options.

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Screen 1. A genetics doctor calls a cancer doctor to explain test results. She uses her mobile phone and calls the cancer doctor by dialing as usual. Note the green band at top. A ChoiceView session is joined to the phone call to share relevant visual information. She sends an authorization page to document that approval is given for sharing test results.

Screens 2 & 3. While explaining the tests on the normal phone call, the genetics doctor uses ChoiceView to visually share key test results out of the patient's medical record. Cancer doctor can review the material during the call.

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