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Hello from the Radish Team!

Radish's ChoiceView is built into Amazon Conect. Now customers can enjoy the benefits of visual communications during regular phone calls with live agents or virtual agents. ChoiceView solves the frustration of automated phone systems and the difficulty in communicating complex information, while improving first call resolution, decreasing call times, and enhancing the customer experience. Contact Radish to get started with ChoiceView. "Now I see what you're talking about!"™

Cindy Hagg Joins Radish Systems

We're happy to announce that Cindy Hagg has joined Radish as Director of Business Development to focus on the many ChoiceView opportunities with Amazon Connect. Cindy brings a wealth of experience in sales — in roles ranging from small start-up software companies, to major software and computer enterprises, and specialized government accounts. She was one of the first account managers at Requisite Software and was the first account manager at Rally Software.

In Cindy's words, "I've spent my time in the software industry removing barriers and accelerating technology adoption for customers. So it's really exciting to be part of an innovative company like Radish with its extraordinary focus on improving the customer experience. The ability to bring clarity to customer/business interactions with a simple visual interface is something I look forward to exploring with you."

Radish Goes to AWS re:Connect  

As part of our initiative with Amazon, we were invited to attend and we participated in AWS re:Connect, which is Amazon's Customer Appreciation Event for Amazon Connect customers and partners. Customers had the opportunity to meet with Radish and other Amazon Connect Technology partners, and see demos of their Connect integrations. They also saw presentations on the latest Amazon Connect features as well as best practices from industry leaders on migrating to Amazon Connect and the resulting benefits. Radish's Technical Director for IVR and Mobile Products, Darryl Jacobs, represented Radish. He developed the ChoiceView Lambda function.

We showed ChoiceView for Amazon Connect to prospective customers we had invited to the event. Most were already familiar with ChoiceView, and were impressed at the possibilities of integrating with some of the existing and upcoming features in Amazon Connect, specifically the Contact Lens for Amazon Connect, which allows for advanced analysis of customer voice interactions with agents. Of course there's interest in using ChoiceView not just as a Visual IVR, but as a tool for enabling contact center agents to send visuals to customers. See, for example, the ChoiceView health coaching use case. Stay tuned.

Customer Experience Circa 2025

Victor Morrison, Radish's Business Development Director for Specialty Pharma, recently wrote a very popular blog post entitled, Super Glue, ChoiceView, and Dynamite!. Excerpts are below.

Let's start with a few predictions from some of the world's top IT experts in the recent Future of Mobile report from Salesforce.

By 2025 they predict that:

  • Consumers will be mobile dominant.
  • With 5G deployed, the mobile enterprise will change dramatically with device convergence replacing the desktop altogether.
  • Consumers will choose their engagement platform and you need to be ready on all platforms to provide an identical experience.

Now, if these three predictions are terribly surprising, your consumer engagement is likely "Dead Man Walking" already. Unfortunately I had to make calls to just a few organizations recently. There are still way too many organizations out there forcing horrible, vintage 1989 engagement on consumers who desperately want to do business with them in the new century.

It will sound too good to be true, but there is a financially and technically easy way to add channels, create an identical experience across all of them, and dramatically enhance consumer engagement. This marvel of modern IT is ChoiceView visual engagement technology from Radish Systems. It's the super glue of choice for bringing all of your channels together, unifying the customer experience, blowing up "voicejail hell," leveraging conversational AI, and optimizing your human contact center agents for the most complex engagements. All in one inexpensive, easy-to-implement fell swoop!.

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