Newsletter February 2015

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Happy 2015! May you make it a productive, profitable, and fun year. May your business grow as fast as a radish!

ChoiceView Web App Is Here!

Imagine that your organization can participate in 'voice and visual' transactions with callers using ANY phone on ANY network displaying on ANY device with a browser. You don't have to imagine anymore because Radish announces availability of the ChoiceView Web App for visually interacting with organizations via an Internet browser. Like the ChoiceView Mobile App which allows simultaneous voice and visuals exchange, the ChoiceView Web App provides a new communications channel for users to interact with businesses, but it does so via a standard browser with no app download. Since it relies on a browser only, the ChoiceView Web App greatly expands the customer reach to include first-time callers from any phone, users with Mac and Windows computers, as well as users with any smartphone or tablet. Callers can see and hear business information and easily complete transactions via both automated self-service systems (known as Interactive Voice Response or Visual IVR) and with live representatives in contact centers or throughout the organization. Learn more.

Demo the ChoiceView Web App Now

Want to see the Web App in action? Call 720.440.7560 or contact us to see our new demo video and schedule a live demonstration.

ChoiceView Mobile App for iOS 8

Radish has released the new ChoiceView Mobile App for iOS 8 with support for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Get the app from the Apple App Store and then try ChoiceView from anywhere in the world by participating in a demonstration with an IVR or a live representative. Learn more.

Prospective Partners

ChoiceView is available for license to turn your existing or new voice-only platforms into 'voice with visuals' next generation systems. Developer tools, APIs, SDKs, and professional services make this task easy. The heavy lifting is done by Radish in the ChoiceView cloud! Contact us to explore working together.

In the News

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What's Radish? What's a True Visual IVR?

ChoiceView, from Radish Systems, is a patented mobile enterprise solution allowing businesses to talk and instantly share visuals via smartphones or browsers. ChoiceView transforms existing and new IVR systems into efficient, true Visual IVRs. True Visual IVRs ease the pain of calls with frustrating automated phone systems by providing easy-to-navigate, tappable visual menus; easy-to-submit visual content from mobile users; easy-to-understand, fast visual responses; and easy transfer to live agents for continued visual sharing. See the demo video and learn more at

Happy 2015!
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