Newsletter January 2014
Here's to a Prosperous 2014! There are some exciting things happening at Radish Systems.

ChoiceView Visual IVR Wins 2014 Product of the Year

We're very pleased to receive this award from CUSTOMER magazine, a publication that is the industry's new, definitive source for news, product information, and strategies for engaging customers. ChoiceView Visual IVRs, as we all know, ease the pain of customers interacting with frustrating automated phone systems (aka Interactive Voice Response systems or IVRs) and speed callers to resolution by sharing easy-to-understand visual content, like navigation menus and photos, during the call. See the complete media release.

ChoiceView True Visual IVR Available on More Platforms

It's easy to enhance your new or existing IVR with a software change only. ChoiceView True Visual IVR, which provides an open REST API and supporting software, is the world's first solution for transforming traditional voice-only IVRs from many vendors into next generation 'Voice with Visuals' systems. ChoiceView True Visual IVR is available for cloud-based IVRs such as Voxeo, Twilio, and Tropo, and for premises-based IVRs including Avaya and Voxeo Prophecy, and for others that use a standard VXML / CCXML platform. Stay turned for news on more platforms. Here's what others are saying:

"The ChoiceView Visual IVR was shown to me at the Voxeo Summit this year and it is impressive. I can see the value for our mobile callers to quickly navigate through our Voxeo IVR with the tappable buttons on their smart device screen, then transfer to a live CSR who sees the transaction history and continues the visual exchange during the call. It will be a seamless omni-channel customer experience that mobile callers expect and can have today," said Aaron Oboh, Senior Manager, Enterprise Systems Architect, Freelancers Union.

Using ChoiceView for Efficient Employee Communications

Human Resources (HR) and supervisors can breath easier with 'Voice with Visuals' communications. Now employees who are late or absent can call into a ChoiceView Visual IVR, see/hear voice and visual menus, quickly authenticate, and indicate their work status by filling in a quick form. Instead of requiring employees to leave lengthy voicemails or worse yet, talk to the boss, the IVR delivers short automated status messages to supervisors via text, email, or phone, saving minutes of wasted time by the boss and by HR.

Have You Tried the New ChoiceView Mobile App for Android?

It's available now at Google Play or you can go to You'll experience a 'Wow, now I see what you're talking about' moment.

Stay Tuned!

More new ChoiceView products and services are coming your way.

Warm Regards, Theresa Szczurek, CEO, and the Radish Team

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