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Radish is focused on improving customer service communications for everyone, especially in healthcare! ChoiceView is an easy-to-use solution that bridges the telephone and Internet worlds. It allows existing voice-only systems — including IVRs, virtual assistants and contact centers — to be upgraded to 'voice with visuals' next generation systems. For businesses and potential partners, ChoiceView is available now to license. Learn More about the many ways to use ChoiceView.

We're inspired to promote ChoiceView to all healthcare organizations after winning the Colorado Digital Health 2015 Challenge. When you're calling with health or injury related questions, you want the fastest, easiest-to-understand answers. ChoiceView provides 'voice with visuals' information that's six times more understandable than only hearing it. When you see it and hear it, you 'get it.'

You can be part of improving healthcare. Please reply to our question below to help your healthcare provider better respond to your calls. The healthcare communications that ChoiceView improves could be your own.

Use Case: Nurse Help Line

SITUATION: Carol wakes to a very painful, itchy rash near her eye. She needs to know what to do quickly, so she calls her healthcare provider's Nurse Help Line wondering if she should go to the Emergency Room.

Nurse: While discussing Carol's condition, sends a photo (below left) using ChoiceView and asks "Does your face look like this?" Carol, who can both see and hear the information, thinks it does and answers more questions.

Nurse: "It sounds like it could be shingles, not an ordinary rash," while sending Symptoms (below right).

Carol: "What should I do?"

Nurse: "Call your doctor for an appointment right now. Shingles can seriously affect eyes and even cause blindness if left untreated."

RESULT: Carol clearly understands, takes fast action to see her doctor, gets the medical attention she needs, and another time-consuming and costly Emergency Room admission is saved.

PLEASE REPLY to this Email with the Answer to this QUESTION: Who would you call if you were Carol in this Use Case? What organization (provide name, location) do you wish had ChoiceView so you could see and hear answers about your health-related condition?


Radish In the News

Radish Systems is Enhancing Telemedicine for Healthcare Providers Everywhere.

Here's an excerpt from CyberMed News:

"ChoiceView's HIPAA-compliant technology can enrich telephone encounters between patients and providers by allowing them to share visual information with one another. ChoiceView enables healthcare professionals to augment telephone calls with visual aids of virtually any kind. It allows X-rays, prescription drug information, and patient education materials to be shared, viewed, and discussed during a normal phone conversation. Forms can even be filled out using the app, permitting patients to complete important paperwork prior to their appointments."
Wishing you and your team a Meaningful and Prosperous 2016!

Theresa Szczurek, CEO, and the Radish Team

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