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Disappearing Staff? Try Visual IVR to Ease Pain so Customers Re-Appear.

Have you noticed that there are fewer people to answer your calls to organizations? With high employment rates and people leaving for higher paying jobs, more employers rely on automated (IVR) interactive voice response systems, which most people hate. It’s not the automation, it’s that callers must listen to long lists of menus, respond, and listen to more information.  Frustrating.  And often, loss of a customer who won’t deal with voice-only IVRs.

Wise employers are “disappearing” caller frustration and easing the pain with true Visual IVRs.  When calling an organization with ChoiceView Visual IVR, you quickly SEE the menus including a visual directory of staff, tap your choices, receive and save information you receive. You can send back information and immediately dial a number or go to a website.  Happy customers are re-appearing. Shorten calls and improve call containment in the Visual IVR through visual self-service. There’s a lot more to ChoiceView…go to www.truevisualIVR.com.

NEWS: Visual IVR Market is Growing

Utility Firms Use Visual IVR

Industry analysts agree that the market for Visual IVR (Visual Interactive Voice Response) solutions for businesses is growing and growing fast. It’s catching some vendors and buyers by surprise, especially since it’s relatively new technology that isn’t well understood.

Industry analyst Walt Tetschner from Tern Systems explains, “We see good growth for Visual IVR. Based on a projection of number of transactions, Visual IVR has over 60% CAGR. It’s actually growing faster than other self-service alternatives like web access, DTMF, and NLP.” Details are in the report from Tern Systems, Telephone Self-service: Markets, Products & Suppliers 2018. Learn more and see growth chart in the Radish media release.

Do You Make Critical IVR Mistakes?

Radish’s partner, IVR Technology Group, asks “Are You Making These Mistakes In Your IVR System?” And, an additional mistake is NOT adding ‘voice with visuals’ to your IVR.

With true Visual IVR, your callers leverage the visual capabilities of smartphones and browsers and get a better #CX (Customer Experience).  Adding visuals to voice communications —

  • improves understanding and comprehension by 600%,
  • increases call containment by at least 10 – 25%,
  • shortens call times, and
  • improves first-call resolution rate.

Contact Radish and IVR Technology Group now to learn how to implement a true Visual IVR.     


Richard A Davis, Radish CTO, Theresa Szczurek, Radish CEO, and John Crouthamel, IVR Tech Group EVP, at Enterprise Connect 2018 (#EC18) discussing true Visual IVR.

Part II — round-up of Enterprise Connect

Power of Visuals. Jonathan Rosenberg, VP and CTO of Cisco’s Collaboration Technology Group shared that when a photo is included, retweets increase 150% and facebook posts have 2.3x the engagement. WOW! Radish’s @ChoiceView shares visuals to increase engagement.

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